Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ölbeat 120: Founders reDANKulous Imperial Red IPA

Brewery: Founders Brewing Company
Country: United States
Style: Imperial IPA
Abv: 9,5 %
What about the beer?
Colour is dark reddish brown with a finger-thick tan head. Aroma has alcohol, grassy piny hops and mild citrus.Taste starts with sweet alcoholic and sharp piny bitterness. Fresh piny bitterness and malty sweetness take over with alcohol warmth in the background. Dark fruits, grapefruit and sweet caramel linger in near the finish. Aftertaste has heavy piny dryness and alcohol bitterness, and it lasts long.

Strong and heavy. Piny bitter-dryness and boozy backbone dominate in the flavour. Malty sweetness shows up. Fruits are in the background. The brew leaves the mouth dry. Massive hop-bomb. Mostly I love the powerful presence but almost completely missing fruit flavours leaves a part of me cold.


The beer was pure power and fist in the face with no small talk. Can we find a song with similar attitude? N.. Hey, wait. This legendary heavy/thrash metal band from Texas might have a word here.

Pantera: Walk (YouTube)

From the 1992 album Vulgar Display of Power, the song was written by Pantera.

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