Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ölbeat 115: Brewdog Albino Squid Assassin

Brewery: BrewDog
Country: Scotland
Style: Specialty Grain
Abv: 7,4 %

What about the beer?
Colour is murky amber brown with a small vanishing white head. Aroma has pineapple, citrus and rye-bready malts. Taste starts with hoppy and fruity sweet bitterness. Bitter grapefruit with tender malty and sweet pineapple flavours takes over. Sweet fruit comes more in front later, and near the finish smooth piny dryness gets through. Aftertaste has citrus, malts, pine and alcoholic bitterness.

Quite complex Rye IPA with moderate-to-heavy bitterness, sweet fruits and steady rye malts. Ending adds some piny dryness and alcohol warmth. This is tasty as hell, and it surely would have been a murder (or a lesser crime) to leave this on the shelf.


What comes to mind from a multi-tentacled octopus hitman? What comes to mind from a heavy brew with bloody damn tasty flavours? Right. And I select the original version of the song.

Adamski & Seal: Killer (YouTube)

From the 1990 album Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy, the song was written by Adamski and Seal.

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