Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ölbeat 119: Founders KBS

Brewery: Founders Brewing Company
Country: United States
Style: Imperial Stout
Abv: 11,2 %
What about the beer?
Colour is thick black with a tiny beige crown. Aroma has milk chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Taste begins with delicious sweet coffee with chocolate notes. After the start roasted coffee amd chocolate dominate with sweet bitterness. Near the finish oaky bourbon vanilla and steady hoppy bitterness step in. Aftertaste has coffee, cocoa, vanilla, roasted bitterness and a bite of alcohol for sweetly lo-o-ong.

Magnificent and wonderful experience. Brewing an Imperial Stout with coffee and chocolate and aging the result in bourbon barrels turns the crime from beautiful to perfect. Soft and gentle but still strong and rebellious. When one makes a beer like this, how can you beat it without divine tricks?


Since the brew isn't roughly heavy and toughly black, it's rather a good rock song than a metal track in this case. Because the beer made its way to my personal favourites, it's time for a personal favourite. The difference between a fine bourbon and a well-made Irish whisky isn't so big, is it?

Thin Lizzy: Jailbreak (YouTube)

From the 1976 album Jailbreak, the song was written by Phil Lynott.

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