Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ölbeat 266: Founders Azacca IPA

Brewery: Founders Brewing Company
Country: United States
Style: India Pale Ale
Abv: 7 %
What about the beer?
Colour is dark orange with a large natural white head. Aroma has mild citrus, tropical fruits and caramel. Taste begins with slightly piny citrus. Piny grapefruit bitterness dominates over dry malty flavour. Towards the end sweet orange and spiky menthol flavours make an appearance. Aftertaste has piny dryness and herbal citrus bitterness.

Shortly put a decent India Pale Ale. The fruits of the aroma are out-shadowed by pine. The herbal flavours in the end aren't bad but I prefer stronger citrus in this style. Anyway, a small disappointment from the brewery but an alright brew.


The brew is named after a hop variety used in brewing, and the hop Azacca is named after the loa i.e. the spirit of agriculture in Haitian voodoo. Some sources claim he's the spirit of thunder but all the same - it's still about the ancient Caribbean belief. 

Godsmack: Voodoo (YouTube)

From the 1999 album Godsmack, the song was written by Sully Erna and Robbie Merrill.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ölbeat 265: Hiisi Kyyttö

Brewery: Panimo Hiisi (in Finnish)
Country: Finland
Style: Stout
Abv: 5,5 %
What about the beer?
Colour is black with a large tan head. Aroma has roasted malts, sweet coffee and dark chocolate. Taste starts with roasty bitter dark chocolate. Charcoal-roasted malts and mocca-spiced chocolate take over with gentle bitterness. Towards the end sweetish charcoal-liquorice bitterness rises above coffee and chocolate flavours. Aftertaste has malty sweetness, roasted bitterness and some coffee.

Tasty Milk Stout. Was afraid of overwhelming sweetness, but instead got excellent roast, malt, liquorice and chocolate flavours. Once again Hiisi didn't let me down.


Kyyttö is used as the nickname of a rare Finnish cattle breed called Eastern Finncattle. For that reason and that reason only, I chose a song whose name includes the word cow. Not the worst choice, I think.

Foo Fighters: For All the Cows (YouTube)

From the 1995 album Foo Fighters, the song was written by Dave Grohl.

Ölbeat 264: Lervig Lucky Jack Grapefruit Edition

Brewery: Lervig Aktiebryggeri
Country: Norway
Style: American Pale Ale
Abv: 4,7 %
What about the beer?
Colour is hazy orange with a two-finger thick white head. Aroma has superfresh grapefruit and sweet orange. Taste begins with fresh sweetish grapefruit. Light and fresh grapefruit takes over with sweet orange notes. Towards the end citrus lemonade flavour becomes distinctive.  Aftertaste has lightly bitter grapefruit and mild dryness.

Light American Pale Ale with a genuine grapefruit juice flavour. The taste is very near to Finnish long drink - lonkero, in Finnish. Clearly a summer beer that stays a bit thin behind the citrus. Well made brew, still. The Stavanger brewery has shown it can manage the low abv limits of the Scandinavian countries (as we all know as a fact, Denmark is just a peninsula of northern Germany).


The beer and its moment probably don't deserve this song, but having this - and many other - kind of beers available for me to drink and enjoy makes me feel lucky. And the last time I checked, I was a man. Whether I have any balls or not, doesn't make a difference - I'm a lucky man.

The Verve: Lucky Man (YouTube)

From the 1997 album Urban Hymns, the song was written by Richard Ashcroft.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ölbeat 263: Pühaste Dekadents

Brewery: Pühaste
Country: Estonia
Style: Imperial Stout
Abv: 11,2 %
What about the beer?
Colour is black with a two-finger thick beige head. Aroma has milk chocolate, vanilla, sweet liquor and roasted malts. Taste begins with roasted sweet and bitter chocolate. Milk chocolate and sweet roast take over with some spiked coffee and vanilla. Towards the end fruity bitterness and boozy raisins join the sweet chocolate. Aftertaste has fruity liquor, vanilla-spiced raisins and sweet chocolate.

Sweet and delicious dessert Imperial Stout. Chocolate, raisins, roast, alcohol, some bitterness, a hint of coffee - wide spectrum of flavours. The sweetness is present but doesn't get overly dominating. Damn strong and tasty.


Definition of decadence: "moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury". Moral decline - check. Excessive indulgence in pleasure - sadly, not quite there yet.

Sirenia: Path to Decay (YouTube)

From the 2009 album The 13th Floor, the song was written by Morten Veland.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ölbeat 262: Ôllenaut Rukki Kuningas

Brewery: Ôllenaut (in Estonian)
Country: Estonia
Style: Old Ale
Abv: 7,7 %
What about the beer?
Colour is dark reddish brown with a huge cream white head. Aroma has sweet rye bread, dried plums and raisins. Taste begins with grainy and fruity sweetness. Sweet rye malts and dried dark fruits take over with lingering bitterness. Towards the end malty sweet, fruity bitter and warming boozy flavours get on top with some burned sugar. Aftertaste has burned bready dryness and fruity-boozy bitterness.

Beautiful and complex Old Ale. Rye malts show clearly up as malty strength and sweetness. Dark fruits, bitterness, alcohol, some burned sugar in the end - everything's at its right place. From my point of view Ôllenaut has so far succeeded extremely well with their unordinary brews.


Since the brew is named "the king of rye" in Estonian, having a taste of it is riding with the king. So, the choice was between the Eric Clapton & BB King cover and the original. I chose the original.

John Hiatt: Riding with the King (YouTube)

From the 1983 album Riding with the King, the song was written by John Hiatt.