Friday, October 21, 2016

Ölbeat 113: Ugly Duck Rye Porter

Brewery: Indslev Bryggeri / Ugly Duck Brewing Co.  
Country: Denmark
Style: Imperial Porter
Abv: 7,8 %
What about the beer?
Colour is black with a medium-sized beige head. Aroma has mild roast, sweet rye bread and some salty liquorice. Taste begins with sweet malty coffee. Sweet roasted rye malts, black coffee and mocca-flavoured chocolate lead the smooth and harmonic taste with a perfecting vanilla-spicy note. Near the finish gentle sweet bitterness and a hint of warming alcohol come through. Aftertaste has black coffee, roasted malty dryness and a sip of sugared alcohol.

Rich, beautiful and absolutely delicious Imperial Porter. Roast, coffee, rye, hops and alcohol all joined with a delicate sweet note. No hop explosion, no overpowering extremes - just an extreme explosion of smoothness and balance. The surprise of taste was skillfully hidden in the aroma.


Now we talk about a serious problem: I'm putting Danish rock and Danish beers together. Well, things could be worse: I could match bad music with awful brews.

D-A-D: It'swhenit'swrongit'sright (YouTube)

From the 1995 album Helpyourselfish, the song was written by D-A-D.

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