Monday, November 28, 2016

Skitbit Nov 2016: Olvi Black IPA

Brewery: Olvi
Country: Finland
Style: India Black Ale
Abv: 4,7 %
What about the beer?
Colour is black with a large natural white head. Aroma has ash, coal and burned wood. Taste begins with ashy and coaly harsh bitterness. Salty ashy bitterness dominates with heavy roast. Dry charcoal flavour is added to the mix near the finish. Aftertaste is harshly bitter and roasty dry.

No, no. There's no trace of fresh bitter citrus flavours. The roast is actually unclean and harsh ashy charcoal. Total disgrace for India Black Ales and total waste of money. Don't try to do it if you can't do it.


This brew took the style to the extremity. Of how bad Black IPA you can get if you really try. One Finnish so-called rap artist takes things to many extremities in the same way in the music business. That's what I learned from this anyway.

Cheek: Äärirajoille (YouTube)

Published as a single in 2014, the song was written by Cheek.