Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ölbeat 136: The Flying Dutchman More Complicated Than Your Girlfriend Stout

Brewery: The Flying Dutchman Nomad Brewing Company
Country: Finland (brewed in Belgium)
Style: Stout
Abv: 8 %
What about the beer?
Colour is black with a finger-thick beige head. Aroma has coffee, alcohol, roasted malts and chocolate. Taste starts with sweet roast and spicy bitterness. Roasted malts and slightly sweet coffee take over with a distinctive bourbon vanilla note. Near the finish bourbon flavour, bitter hops and chocolate malts come in front. Aftertaste has lasting roasted coffee and vanilla-flavoured bitterness.

This hits my "happy" button. The bourbon, coffee and cocoa flavours step out from the solid stout base just like they should. Brewing with special ingredients can be tricky but Ron found the perfect pitch in this one. Incredibly delicious beer.


We'll continue following the beer's name more than the beer style. Someone would probably put here a black metal song about the singer's live hamsters eating and demonically roaring girlfriend, but I selected between "complicated" and "girlfriend" from this artist. Choice was easy - the other song sucks. This one tells that the complications aren't always the features of the girlfriend. At least I'd love to think whether it's me or my girlfriend who's complicated. (My wife wouldn't probably support my thoughts.)

Avril Lavigne: Complicated (YouTube)

From the 2002 album Let Go, the song was written by Avril Lavigne, Lauren Christy, Scott Spock and Graham Edwards.