Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ölbeat 229: The Flying Dutchman Flip Flopped White Socked Strong Hopped White IPA

Brewery: The Flying Dutchman Nomad Brewing Company
Country: Finland
Style: India Pale Ale (Witbier?)
Abv: 5,5 %
What about the beer?
Colour is cloudy yellow with a large white head. Aroma has strong lemon, yeast and sweetish malts. Taste begins with biting bitter citrus. Sour lemon and funky yeast takes over with a wheaty side tone. Towards the end citrus turns to tart-bitter grapefruit and some herbal spices show up. Aftertaste has dryness with sour lemon and bitter grapefruit.

Funky sour-bitter citrus-packed IPA with a yeasty twist. Really fruity stuff. Nice spicy-dry finish. Excellent fresh brew once again.

This beer was part of Alko's Finnish microbrewery craftbeer selection in spring 2017.


Funky brew requires fun(ky) music. That comes easy with the obvious choice: the song behind the brew's name. Right, Dutchman?

Super Furry Animals: White Socks/Flip Flops (YouTube)

From the 2009 album Dark Days/Light Years, the song was written by Super Furry Animals.