Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ölbeat 223: Anderson's Phat Fil

Brewery: Anderson's
Country: Estonia 
Style: India Black Ale
Abv: 6,2 %
What about the beer?
Colour is black with a large tan head. Aroma has orange, sweet liquorice, fruit candy and a little roast. Taste starts with roasty liquorice and bitter fruits. Biting bitter grapefruit and roasted liquorice get on top with sweet-fruity side tone. Towards the end fruity-piny bitter roast and sweetish orange get through. Aftertaste has strong fresh grapefruit bitterness and roasty dryness... and lasts long.

Excellent India Black Ale. Superb combo of bitter and sweet citrus and roasty liquorice, finished with a lasting aftertaste. Solid brew from this new Estonian brewery.


Don't know if Ratebeer personality FatPhil - to whom this beer seems to be dedicated to - really is fat or even Phil. But here's a song made by one Phil about perspiration problems that... Actually, it's pretty firm hard rock song from the 80's. 

Thin Lizzy: Cold Sweat (YouTube)

From the 1983 album Thunder and Lightning, the song was written by Phil Lynott and John Sykes.