Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ölbeat 220: Tanker Reloaded

Brewery: Tanker
Country: Estonia
Style: Session IPA
Abv: 5,8 %
What about the beer?
Colour is copper orange with a huge fluffy natural white head. Aroma has grapefruit, malts, orange and some floral notes. Taste starts with piny bitter citrus bite. Moderately bitter grapefruit with sharply piny dryness takes over. Towards the end sweet orange is added but bitter pine gets above other flavours. Aftertaste has extra dry pine with fruity bitterness.

Pine dominates this great Session IPA. But the citrus is nicely present, too. Rough stuff for this abv level. Which is nice.


Now we get completely off the right path by matching an Estonian Session IPA with ex-Swedish House Mafia member's house track. Well, sometimes something unexpectable and beautiful happens. Enjoy!

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash feat. John Martin: Reload - Vocal version (YouTube)

Published as a single in 2013, the song was written by Sebastian Ingrosso, Michel Zitron, Adam Baptiste, Tommy Trash, Vincent Pontare and John Martin Lindström.