Monday, April 24, 2017

Skitbit Apr 2017: Radbrew Ivy Mike

Brewery: Radbrew
Country: Finland
Style: Imperial IPA
Abv: 8,5 %
What about the beer?
Colour is dark orange with a large white head. Aroma has caramel, mango and pineapple. Taste starts with bitter malty caramel. Piny caramel and roughly bitter grapefruit take over. Towards the end harsh pine runs over the fruity caramel flavour. Aftertaste has rough piny dryness and malty grapefruit bitterness.

Somewhat harsh and unbalanced Double IPA. If I was excited about overly striking piny bitterness which covers basically every fruity flavour of the aroma I'd probably be excited. Unfortunately I'm not. This was actually the third time I gave this brew a chance: OlutExpo in October 2015 and the brewery bar in May 2016 were the previous ones. Sad to say that third time wasn't a charm either. It'll take a while to grab something from Radbrew again.


"For the love of the game or for the love of the money" is a question, that doesn't make sense when we're talking about someone's profession. If someone's making some or a shitload of money when doing something that he/she likes and is good at, it's hypocrite, ridiculous and redundant to even discuss about the theme. Still, a Finnish popstar made a camp-spirited dance track about the theme. Of course the difference between the artist and the brewery is, that Antti Tuisku is already a star and Radbrew has so far shown only camp spirit.

Antti Tuisku: Rahan takii (YouTube)

Released as a single in 2017, the song was written by Jurek, Saara Törmä, Aku Rannila and Antti Tuisku.