Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ölbeat 255: Ôllenaut Linnutee Double Milk Stout

Brewery: Õllenaut (in Estonian)
Country: Estonia
Style: Sweet Stout
Abv: 8 %
What about the beer?
Colour is black with a small vanishing beige head. Aroma has milk chocolate, coffee, roasted malts and alcohol. Taste starts with sweet roasted malts. Roasted malts and sweet alcohol take over with coffee and chocolate hints Towards the end sugared coffee and milk chocolate get through with rising bitterness. Aftertaste has sweet coffee, bitter roast and cocoa-flavoured liquor.

Sweet and strong Milk Stout. Roast, alcohol and sweetness dominate, but coffee, chocolate and bitterness get their share of the spotlight, too. A bit too sweet and boozy to hit the perfect spot, but definitely this has strength and complexity. Ôllenaut has created a fine dessert stout.


The sweetness of the brew steers the choice towards mainstream rock. 'Linnutee' is Milky Way in Estonian, so instead of picking any of the electro-disco-whatever track available on the theme, I turned to this 80's classic from Australia. The song was nicely covered by Sia Furler in 2010.

The Church: Under the Milky Way (YouTube)

From the 1988 album Starfish, the song was written by Steve Kilbey and Karin Jansson.