Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ölbeat 196: Nøgne Ø Rød Jul

Brewery: Nøgne Ø
Country: Norway 
Style: Imperial IPA
Abv: 8 %
What about the beer?
Colour is murky brown with a 3-finger thick natural white head and some flakes. Aroma has grapefruit, orange, peach and spices. Taste begins with bitter and sweet fruits. Bitter grapefruit and caramel malts take over with a hint of sweet spices. Towards the end sweet orange and mango with gentle pine join the flavours. Aftertaste has fruity bitterness, malty dryness and a soft touch of pine.

Tasty and rich spiced Double IPA. Packed with bitter citrus flavours, kept in balance by strong malty body, gently spiced with pine. Excellent especially for a seasonal brew.


Who said Christmas is over? Just a little over a month from the season, and everyone's nagging about how this should've been posted a month ago. Well, life sucks and then you die. We probably shouldn't celebrate Christmas either.

Hardcore Superstar: We Don't Celebrate Sundays (YouTube)

From the 2005 album Hardcore Superstar, the song was written by Hardcore Superstar.