Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ölbeat 059: Malmgård Imperial IPA

Brewery: Malmgård
Country: Finland
Style: Imperial IPA
Abv: 8,9 %
Majestic beer from Malmgård mansion
What about the beer?
Colour is bright rusty orange with small white crown. Aroma has sweet fruits (mango and pineapple) with a hoppy note. Taste bites first with sweet hoppy bitterness. Fruity alcoholic bitterness with moderate grapefruit flavour follows. Near the finish piny dryness joins the party. When a bit warmed up, pineapple and mango show up in the taste. Aftertaste is bittersweet with a bite of alcohol.

Excellent not "down-the-same-pipe" Imperial IPA. Bitterness is smooth but powerful instead of a hop hit-and-run. Grapefruit aroma and flavours are almost completely replaced with sweeter fruits. Taste of alcohol is present but not unpleasant. Tasty brew from one of my favorite Finnish breweries. 


With a royal beer we'll need some majestic rock. Since the guys in Malmgård have had their own way of brewing quality stuff, this is a perfect choice:

Queen: One Vision (YouTube)

From the 1986 album A Kind of Magic, the song was written by Queen.

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