Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ölbeat 057: Raduga Forbidden Planet

Brewery: Browar Raduga
Country: Poland
Style: Imperial IPA
Abv: 8,4 %
Look, it's Robby the Robot!
What about the beer?
Colour is dark orange with medium natural white head. Aroma has mostly sweet mango and some flowery scent. Taste bites first with dry piny bitter and goes on with herbal hoppy taste with fruity mango-orangeish side note. When the beer warms up a bit, there are more orange and strong hoppy flavours. Towards the end  we get heavy pine and moderate lemon-grapefruit added. Aftertaste is extremely dry and bitter.

The experience is a bit rough and edgy but the 115 IBU don't jump on the face. Heavy pine domination but tasty and excellent fruitiness has it's place. Do not hurry with this one, if you're into nice citrus flavours.


This time Raduga has named their brew after a 1950's film - an American science fiction space film made in 1956. The film, starring Leslie Nielsen, was the first movie to have an electronic musical score, made by Bebe and Louis Barron. The music of the score is somewhat "out there", so I picked an instrumental classic from the end of 70's:

The Alan Parsons Project: Lucifer (YouTube)

From the 1979 album Eve, the song was written by Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson.

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