Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ölbeat 037: Buxton Rain Shadow

Brewery: Buxton Brewery
Country: England
Style: Imperial Stout
Abv: 11,8 %
No dry desert, but incredible dessert

What about the beer?
Colour is pitch black with small brown head. Aroma has heavy roast sweet black coffee and dark chocolate on the side - I drown myself in the scent. Taste begins with heavily hopped and roasted first bite. Salty-sweet malts and A-class dark-roasted coffee take control. Palate adds strong sweet hoppy and alcoholic bitterness. Aftertaste is awesome: unbelievably delicious bitter dark chocolate with an espresso note.

Extremely powerful beer. All flavours are strong and intense but still it's a perfectly delicious experience. From the first sip and the rush of hops, roast and coffee I knew that the taste at least keeps the promise that the aroma gave. One of the best imperial stouts I've tasted, and since imps are among my favourite beer styles, this goes to the top of the list.


Since the brew really got me, I could only match this rock classic with it:

The Kinks: You Really Got Me (YouTube)

Song from the 1964 album Kinks, written by Dave Davies. 

...and because Rain Shadow really got me, here's the great cover, if you prefer it:

Van Halen: You Really Got Me (YouTube)

Song from the 1978 album Van Halen.

Blogger's note:
As you can see, I've decided to cut off the brewery or beer descriptions and the song description, since anyone can find some facts about the brewery/beer and the song. From now on, it's just the beer and the song with less unnecessary crap. 

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