Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ölbeat 047: Flying Monkeys Netherworld

Brewery: Flying Monkeys
Country: Canada
Style: India Black Ale
Abv: 6 %
Monster beer in Canadian style

What about the beer?
Colour is thick bubbly black with small beige head. Aroma has grass and hops with some burned-roasted malts in background. Taste starts hoppy, slightly roasted bitterness in front. Soon roasted malts arrive to the scene stronger with grapefruit. Towards the end taste turns into dry coffeeish bitterness. Aftertaste has bitter hops and dry grapefruit.

Fresh hoppy and gently roasted brew with citrus flavors and a coffee twist in the end. Somewhat unordinary for the style but still very tasty and pretty recognisable Cascadian Dark Ale. The more distinctive beer can sometimes be a better one, and in this case it was.


The theme, the colour and the overall character ask for something dark and shaking. Though the song ain't about beings from the underworld but about feeling isolated or separated, the dark aggression comes out  loud:

Deftones: Hole in the Earth (YouTube)

From the 2006 album Saturday Night Wrist, the song was written by band members Chino Moreno, Chi Cheng and Abe Cunningham.

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